Our 4 Amerisleep Bed Reviews – Updated For 2017

Amerisleep has been selling mattress for a long time, and in this period, it has successfully met and exceed expectations of thousands of individuals. It’s been praised far and wide, different mattresses for different features.

Owning an Amerisleep bed has obviously been the highlight of many people’s bedrooms, but we’re here to ask ourselves why and what is the case with these beds and why are they so good.

Furthermore, we’re here to figure out what kind of sleepers enjoy these mattresses – so you can find out whether or not they’re the right fit for you as well.

image of a nice mattressReading countless reviews, we’ve found that there’s no question about it – owning an Amerisleep mattress is a good thing. A large majority of owners have praised them for different things, and while one side says it helped alleviate pain, the other adores it for comfort and support. However, there’s still that part of the buyer base that wasn’t satisfied with Amerisleep beds.

However, most of these consist of people getting the wrong product for their needs. You see, you may as well get one of incredible quality, adored by millions – but still hate it in your bedroom. That’s because everyone has different needs and personal preferences. We’re here to address buying frustrations and benefits of buying this kind of mattress. Read on to learn how to find out what’s right for you and additionally, we’ll showcase a dozen of Amerisleep beds we felt deserve the spotlight.

MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Amerisleep Americana (our top pick)$$96
Amerisleep Revere$$$$89
Amerisleep Liberty$$$82
Amerisleep Colonial$$$$$79
Amerisleep Independence

Amerisleep Buyer’s Guide

We comprised a list of most common mistakes buyers made when picking out their new mattress. Read these carefully, and you’ll become an informed buyer who will get it right the first time around.

Consider Bed Size Carefully

The mattress industry is frustrated with the number of people filing for a return after making the initial purchase. Most of these are due to getting the wrong size. People tend to be more budget-oriented than they’ll admit to themselves. They’ll figure they might not need a queen or a king size after all, and try to save money by getting the smallest bed they can fit on. This is a huge mistake. Don’t underestimate your needs. If all is well, you’ll be sleeping on this thing for years to come, possibly over a decade, so it’s much more cost-effective and wise even to go bigger than you think you need.

One other common mistake people make is forgetting about other furniture in the bedroom. First, take exact measurements, will the mattress fit? And if it does, will it get in the way of opening any doors in the room? If these are fine, consider whether or not you plan on adding new furniture into the bedroom after you get the mattress – you need to think years ahead for this one.

What Kind of Memory Foam?

Not only are there various types of memory foam, but there’s also different density. This means getting lower quality foam with higher density might be better than having higher quality foam with extremely low density. The general rule of thumb says higher density foam provides more comfort, support, and less sinkage.

For example, if you previously dislike memory foam beds because you “sink in“ into them, then you need to get foam with high density, and a thick support layer underneath it. The support underneath will push upwards into the surface foam, preventing you from sinking in, and therefore resolving heat issues as well.

All beds that we’re going to recommend at the end of this article contain Celliant®-infused covers, which has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Hate Sleeping Hot? Pay Attention

If you’re like me, then you’re often discouraged from falling asleep by heat. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for bad heat retention, and for many years, this has been the number one complaint. Luckily, today’s memory foam mattresses are a lot different. Manufacturers have listened, and many brands have started introducing cooling gel-infused mattresses that effectively deal with this issue.

Furthermore, other brands have introduced special heat-retention covers, and all have begun producing foam mattresses with less sinkage, which also provides a more cool sleep experience since you don’t sink into the mattress.

4 Amerisleep Reviews

Here’s a quick look at a few mattresses that have been praised far and wide by current owners. These models are manufactured in the US using patented VPF technology.

Amerisleep Americana

This mattress seems to be the best fit for people who sleep on their stomach or their back. It is 10” thick, where the first layer is comprised out of 2” of Bio-Pur™ memory foam infused with a cooling agent. Right off the bat, we see this one contains high-quality foam and that the top layer contains cooling properties.

This means they’ve put a lot of thought in providing exceptional content. You also won’t get hot on this foam because of the cooling layer. The bottom layer is made out of 8” of thick Bio-Core™ memory foam which is supposed to prevent sagging even after years of use.

This also means this is a firmer mattress, firmer than average. It is clear that Amerisleep wanted quality in this mattress since they only used trademark memory foam products here, which is of higher quality and more custom design than standard memory foam. This is a great sign you’re in for a quality product. Furthermore, the cover on this bed is a Celliant®-infused cover, which allows you to fall asleep sooner and also stay asleep for a longer time. These facts have been clinically proven.

Even though it might not be the cheapest option out there, this bed does seem to provide value for its price. A must-consider option if you ask us. The warranty is 20 years, and they also provide a 100 night trial period with this option.

Click here to read our full review.

Amerisleep Revere

Standing a bit taller, the Revere holds up at 12“, also a firmer bed, best suitable for people sleeping on either their back or stomach. The top layer also uses Bio-Pur™ memory foam, but Revere uses 3 of it inches instead of Americana’s 2”. It’s also cooling-gel infused, so no heat retention issues here neither.

This is an advanced type of memory foam which primarily serves to take care of heat retention, but also provides pressure relief. Under, we find a 9” thick Bio-Core™ memory foam which also works towards good support and extra comfort while remaining sag-free.

Revere is very similar to the Americana, where it also uses the Celliant®-infused cover, with the difference of 2” of additional memory foam. 1” for the top, and 1” for the bottom layer. The Revere comes with a 100-day trial period along with a 20-year warranty.

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Amerisleep Liberty

The Liberty is a 12“ thick medium-soft mattress. In addition to back and stomach sleepers, this one is more universal because it’s a good choice for side sleepers as well.

Liberty is also made out of three layers, not two. The first layer is a 3“ Bio-Pur™ foam with the addition of the cooling agent, and it’s followed by a transition layer, comprised out of 2“ of Affinity foam. Similarly to other Amerisleep beds, the bottom layer is a 7“ Bio-Core™, no-sag support layer, and comes with a Celliant®-infused cover. 

There is a 100-night trial and a 20-year long warranty period. According to current owner’s feedback, the Amerisleep Liberty is best suited for back and side sleepers, those who want an advanced type of memory foam with good cooling and response.

Amerisleep Colonial

Best so far, the Colonial also offers three layers and provides a medium-firm feel. It’s also universal, meaning it’s suited for stomach, back, and side sleepers. The first layer is a 2“ Bio-Pur+ memory foam, with the cooling agent attached. Underneath, we find a 4“ thick Affinity foam transition layer. On the bottom, Colonial uses 7“ of Bio-Cure, no-sag support foam layer.

Colonial comes with a 20-year long warranty, which is well above the industry standard of 10 year warranty periods. It also carries a 90-day trial period, in which you can return the mattress for a full refund, but you take care of the shipping costs.

Being amazingly thick – at 13“, and providing so much advanced foam layers, this mattress provides an exceptionally soft feel, while still being firm enough.

Current owners didn’t know how to explain it better themselves. Most just elaborate on how „easy“ it is to sleep on the Amerisleep Colonial. Even though it’s got a hefty price tag, it still provides enormous value to your bedroom. If you’re not on a budget and looking for something more comfortable than the previously reviewed mattresses – Colonial might be a good fit.

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Amerisleep Independence

Independence seems to have been named properly. It is not difficult being independent when sitting on top of a 14“ premium quality memory foam mattress. Yes, this mattress is comprised out of 14 inches of three layers of memory foam.

The top layer is a 2“ Bio-Fur+ memory foam, providing comfort, pressure relief, and that sought-after cooling effect. The second or middle layer is made out of 3“ of Activus foam. Activus is Amerisleep’s memory foam which serves as any industry transitional (middle) layer, with the addition of Activus being custom made and of higher quality. 

This should provide extra support and comfort to the top layer. The bottom layer is a 9“ thick Bio-Core foam layer. It’ll act as a foundation for the top two layers. It is quite breathable. Being 9“ thick, it should provide more than enough support for the entire mattress. Amerisleep Independence comes with a 90-day trial period, along with a 20-year warranty. This mattress is extra thick, has strong edges, and doesn’t sink too much either. This mattress could almost be considered a luxury option. It’s an all-in-one, with the beautiful design on top. Remember, all Amerisleep mattresses contain Celliant®-infused covers, provide excellent pressure relief, and isolate motion quite nicely.

Click here to read our full review.


Owning an Amerisleep mattress means you’re going for above-average quality, and this means excellent support, restful nights, comfortable and fast sleep, and a cool sleeping experience where you won’t wake up sweaty and nervous. When buying one, remember to consider what size you need, think ahead for this one, and also see what kind of memory foam would fit you best.

Remember to take future furniture for your bedroom into account. Also, take a ruler and make precise measurements. There’s no much discussion with foams in Amerisleep beds when they all tend to be at least medium-to-high density, and most are custom-made by Amerisleep. When shopping for a mattress, most people tend to try and find a middle ground between price and quality. For this reason, and for higher ratings, we’ve decided to choose the Amerisleep Americano as the best option here. Even though it’s not good as some other Amerisleep products, it’ll still provide just enough support and comfort for a long-lasting, relaxing sleep experience.

When we take all of these products and the feedback they’ve received from current owners, there really seems to be no wrong choice here. It’s just a matter of do you want to get „just enough“ support & comfort, or do you want to „go for it“ and get one of the more expensive options. The cheaper options would probably fit best vacation homes or guest rooms, while the higher quality options are suitable for the master bedroom.

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