Ultimate Guide To Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

If you’ve been looking for a high quality, universal mattress, it’s possible that your search will come to an end after reading this review. image of a comfortable mattressSo, have you been looking for a bed that’s above the industry quality average, but still has a reasonable price tag? One that’s going to be durable, have good support, and still provide comfort, and even health-promoting properties? Well, that’s exactly what we’re showcasing here today.

Amerisleep is a company with an excellent buyer reputation and pages upon pages of positive feedback. Amerisleep has been in the business for two decades, one of which they’ve been selling online. It is quite obvious that they’ve decided to come into the online mattress game and fill in a few market gaps.

These market gaps seem to consist of the lack of high-quality beds at reasonable prices. Amerisleep Liberty mattress is a great example here because it’s one of the most cost-effective products in its price range. Its cost versus value is right on the spot. Keep reading to find out what are the best features of this mattress, who it’s suited for, and at the end, we’ll comprise a pros and cons list to summarize both negative and positive facts.

Construction Quality

Amerisleep Liberty bed is made out of three layers. The top layer has been designed to provide both comfort and support. It consists of a 3“ thick Bio-Pur memory foam, which is Amerisleep’s custom-made foam and is far better than the standard industry foam.

This type of material will provide comfort, support but also regulate heat quite nicely. This means that you won’t have to deal with heat accumulation, which has usually been a problem with memory foam mattresses. The second, or middle layer, is made out of a 2“ thick transition layer. These 2 inches of foam are here simply to help regulate the overall support/comfort of the bed. It provides a sleek transfer between the different types of foam, one beneath and one on top. The third layer is the foundational support.

It’s made of a 7“ thick Bio-Core support foam. This type of foam is also Amerisleep’s custom base foam designed to provide support, but also push upwards, so the softer top layer is more firm and comfortable.

To summarize – top layer provides comfort, support, and the cooling effect, but it wouldn’t be much of a cooling effect if you would “sink in“ into the mattress, would it? This is where the bottom layer comes in, the 7“ of Bio-Core support foam will usually be a high-density foam, pushing everything else upwards, and therefore preventing the top foam from sinking in too much. Furthermore, Amerisleep provides a 20-year long warranty policy on this bed.

Celliant-Based Cover

Another great addition to this bed. The cover that comes along is Celliant-based. This kind of material is extremely beneficial because it provides a cooling effect on top of the mattress. But that’s not all. Celliant has been clinically proven to help individuals sleep longer and fall asleep faster. Furthermore, this material transforms your body heat into infrared light, a process which then increases your blood flow and your body receives more oxygen as a result.

Good Motion Isolation

image of a comfortable mattress

With so many high-quality materials, we were expecting good motion isolation from the Amerisleep Liberty mattress, but as it turns out – it’s not good – it’s amazing! Every single layer and the whole 12“ of this bed is made out of plant-based, high-quality, and medium-to-high density foam.

This is something we rarely see because these kinds of features don’t usually go into a mattress unless it’s got a $3000+ price tag. Remember when we said Amerisleep is trying to fill a particular market gap in the industry? Well, this alone proves that statement.

They could have used much cheaper materials here, but they didn’t, and they even introduced the extra 2“ of transitional foam in between. The main point here is that this mattress is going to provide excellent motion isolation. This makes it a great choice for couples, especially if you or your partner tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep.

Firmness & Feel – Right in the Middle

The firmness of this mattress is labeled medium-firm. Considering that label, plus countless buyer reviews, it seems as this bed is right in between soft and firm. That said, we first thought this means it’s going to be more on the softer side since it’s memory foam after all and foam tends to get softer after a few month’s use. However, we have to remember here that they’ve used 7“ of Bio-Core support foam on the bottom.

This means this layer will provide pressure upwards to the top layer, making it effectively feel more firmer that it is labeled. Excellent move by Amerisleep. These kinds of combinations will result in a mattress that provides extreme comfort, but it still doesn’t let you sink in into the foam when you’re sleeping on it. On top of all that, remember it still has that Bio-Pur foam on top, which has cooling properties, meaning that even if you do sink a little bit, at least you won’t have any heat issues.


It probably goes without saying because you can figure out this bed is durable just be looking at its construction. That said, we wanted to expand on this and say that the life expectancy of this mattress is 10-15 years, depending on usage. The company, Amerisleep themselves say it should last for anywhere in between 10 and 12 years. However, remember that they do offer a 20-year warranty policy on this product. This basically means you don’t have to worry about repairs and defects.

Doesn’t Smell

It’s worth mentioning that this bed doesn’t seem to have any uncomfortable smell after unpacking it and placing it in your bedroom. Every verified review that does mention it, says that they were surprised stating that the mattress doesn’t even have that standard “new“ or “factory“ smell. This is a great bonus since most memory foam mattresses will take at least 48 hours just for off-gassing.

What we Liked:

Construction – Amerisleep AS3 (Liberty) has been shaped and formed by a seemingly perfect combination of all custom-bade foams from the company. This translates to good support, comfort and excellent motion isolation.

Celliant – This is a health-promoting material. The cover that comes with this mattress is Celliant based which has been clinically proven to help fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Trial Period – There’s a 100-night no-risk trial period with this bed where they offer 100% money-back guarantee, provided you pay for the shipping costs if you decide to return it.

Warranty – Amerisleep provides a 20-year warranty on this product.

What we Didn’t Like:

Shipping – We’ve noticed an unusual amount of reviewers complaining that the mattress took longer to arrive than advertised, and in some cases, the bed and its accessories came in a different package, at different times. Our opinion is that this isn’t really an issue unless you’re in extreme hurry and even 24 hours mean something for you. We say this mattress is well-worth waiting for.

Image of Amerisleep Liberty Bed

Who Should Buy the Amerisleep AS3 (Liberty) Mattress?

My first thought was just to write “Everyone! This mattress has impressed me so much, but there’s always one thing that puts quality aside – personal preferences. Personal preferences can make or break your sleeping experience regardless of the bed quality. If you’re looking for that bouncy feeling, memory foam mattresses aren’t going to be a good fit for you. If you’re a side-sleeper, and the memory foam doesn’t contour well to your body – you’re going to have a bad time, and so will your body. Now that we’ve explained why this section is so important, let’s review and summarize who would most enjoy sleeping on this bed.

Side and Back Sleepers – the memory foam in this mattress contours perfectly to your body, and this makes it a perfect choice for all side sleepers, regardless of your weight. It might also suit back sleepers, provided you are comfortable with a medium-firm surface. Stomach sleepers probably wouldn’t enjoy sleeping on this bed, the Americana or the Revere is a far better choice for those.

Memory Foam Fans – the number one concern for memory foam beds is that they tend to “suck“ sleepers in and sleep particularly hot. This is why memory foam lovers will enjoy the Liberty mattress. It’s got plenty of cooling effects, such as the Celliant-infused cover, and the Bio-Pur foam layer on top, both of which provide excellent heat retention.

Okay With Medium-Firm – the Liberty will work well with you if you’re okay with its medium-firm thickness. Remember, we graded this mattress right in the middle. Not soft nor firm. Still, light-weight sleepers will experience additional firmness, due to the 7“ thick bottom layer which will provide upward pressure and push to the top foam layer.


Before we show our final opinion, we’d like to remind our readers of a few buyer frustrations and mistakes that are most commonly made when buying a mattress. First off, consider the size you need. Take precise measurements of your bedroom, consider opening/closing doors after fitting in the mattress, and also see if you’re going to add new furniture into the bedroom after you get the bed.

Make sure you get it right the first time around. Get the size you need, and whatever you do, don’t try and save money by getting a smaller size than you need. This is the last thing you want to do. Overall, this is a great bed. It’s got a solid construction, comfort and cooling layer on top, transitional layer in the middle, and a convenient, strong base support layer. All foams used in this mattress are plant-based, and the entire manufacturing process is eco-friendly.

Amerisleep is a company with great buyer reputation and more than 20 years of experience behind their backs. Seems like a good choice to try out your new bed, and even if you don’t like it, there’s the 100 night trial period in which you can return the mattress and apply for a full refund.

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