Unbiased Amerisleep Colonial Bed Review For 2017

During the past decade, people have been slowly shifting towards more greener products in general, but with beds as well. Besides green, buyers have also shifted towards memory foam options, since it has become clear that they are now offering all the benefits of a comfortable sleep, but with much fewer downsides.

Not so long ago, memory foam beds were notorious for their bad heat retention and the fact that sleepers tend to ”sink in” into the mattress. Obviously, many people hated these two facts about memory foam models and therefore avoided them like the plague. However, when companies such as Amerisleep came on the scene, things started changing – for the better.

We’ll first cover some of its best features, and after that, we’ll create a simple pro and cons list so you can find out whether or not this mattress is the right fit for your bedroom.

image of Amerisleep IndependenceMemory foam from these kinds of companies showed the buyer base it’s possible to get all that comfort but with as little downsides as possible. Some of the most mentioned include solving the heat retention problem, so you don’t sleep in sweat just to get that extra comfort, and also the sinking in feeling that is usually disliked in memory foam mattresses.

Amerisleep has successfully introduced memory foam beds with features such as Celliant-based covers and other cooling technologies, and have invested more in the foundational support of the mattress to combat the sinking in feeling on top.

These bold moves have worked well as the company has skyrocketed in sales and consumer base since 2007, and now owns some of the most popular mattresses in the market today. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Amerisleep’s Colonial (recently renamed AS4) – and check out its benefits and advantages regarding downsides.

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Construction – High-Quality Foam

The Amerisleep AS4 or Colonial is a triple-layered memory foam mattress. The first, or the top layer, is a 2“ thick comfort layer made out of Bio-Pur+™ memory foam. The foam here is a custom-design foam from Amerisleep itself, which is an enhanced version of the standard industry foam, providing better airflow, comfort, and support.

The middle layer is a transitional layer, providing an orderly transition between the top comfort and bottom support layers. It’s made out of a 4” thick Affinity layer – also a more advanced version of foam as opposed to industry standards.

Last, but not least, we find a 7” thick Bio-Core™ layer of yet again, advanced memory foam. This is plant-based (green initiative) which contains almost none of the hazardous chemicals that are usually a part of any foam manufacturing process. This kind of material (and density) will provide better support, and will also be healthier to have in your bedroom.

To summarize, we see the company’s intent here was to fill in a market gap with a high-quality luxury-type bed that still owns a reasonable price tag. It contains health-promoting properties, shows a green initiative from the company, and is a very well designed.

Celliant®-based Cover

image of a sleeping baby

Fortunately for its consumers, Amerisleep has introduced the Celliant material in almost every mattress in their product line. The Colonial is no different. This mattress will come with a Celliant-infused cover which simply adds extraordinary value to your bed.

It’s been clinically proven that Celliant helps individuals sleep longer but also fall asleep faster. Furthermore, this material will transform the heat coming off your body into infrared light, and IR light has its health-promoting properties.

It will help oxygenate your body and increase your blood flow as you sleep. Since it reacts directly to your body heat, this also means you will sleep a lot cooler on this cover, than you would on any other that’s not Celliant-infused.

Personally, Celliant covers have been a must-have for me ever since I discovered its amazing features. Even if you end up not buying the Colonial, make sure you get Celliant with any other option you go with.

Motion Isolation – Wonder for Couples

If you’re shopping as a couple, this feature is something you need to consider very carefully. Besides the Celliant covers, motion isolation is an absolute must-have if two people are going to sleep on the bed.

Memory foam has been known to isolate motion better than any other mattress core. That said, the Colonial will do it even better because it carries high-quality, and what’s more important – higher density.

Besides allowing for exceptional comfort, these materials will also isolate motion to almost a non-existent value.
This feature might be next to useless for a solo sleeper, but if we’re talking about couples – not having excellent motion isolation would be a nightmare (speaking from experience).

To summarize, the Amerisleep AS4 (Colonial) will isolate motion exceptionally and even if you or your partner tend to toss and turn a lot over the night – neither side will feel a thing.

Warranty & Trial Period

Amerisleep provides a 20-year warranty for this mattress. This is above-average, to say the least, because we know the industry standard is usually ten years at most, where plenty of companies offer a mere five-year warranty.

The trial period is on-point as well, as they provide a 90-night trial for you to see if this mattress is going to suit you. This means you have three months to decide whether to go for a full refund or keep the bed.

Amerisleep Colonial – Is it the Right Fit for You?

We always write up this check-up because even though a mattress can be of extremely high-quality, it still might not be the best fit for you – due to personal preferences, sleep habits, etc.

Suitable for All Sleeping Positions – being a memory foam bed, it’s almost automatically suitable for back and stomach sleepers, but there’s been some worry lately that firmer styles aren’t as suitable for side-sleepers. Luckily, the Colonial here uses a bit softer foam on top, meaning it’ll suit side-sleepers perfectly fine.

It’s On the Softer Side – we previously mentioned how being on the softer top side makes it a better choice for side-sleepers, however, this could also be a downside. This is all due to people’s personal preferences, so it can be an advantage to some while being a disliked feature for others.

It’s got Great Cooling – having a Celliant-infused cover, and plant-based, open-cell style, this mattress will provide exceptional airflow, a ventilation which results in a much cooler sleeping experience. If you don’t like sleeping hot, this will be a much-appreciated benefit for you.

It’ll Sink a Bit – even though it will sink less on top as opposed to standard industry memory foam mattresses, it’s still going to sink a bit. The sinkage will range from 1 to 2 inches.

What We Liked:

Warranty & Trial Period – Amerisleep offers a 20 year warranty period, which is way above industry standard, and goes to show how confident they are with their products. The trial period they offer is also excellent, as it gives you three months to decide whether to keep it or return it and receive a full refund.

Excellent Construction Quality – The Colonial is filled from top to bottom with plant-based, medium to high-density memory foams. They’re also custom-designed foams directly from the company and provide a higher level of comfort, support, and airflow.

Celliant Based Cover – This is our favorite feature because Celliant has both cooling AND health-promoting benefits. It’s been my must-have ever since I discovered brands like Amerisleep tend to use it with their beds.

What We Didn’t Like:

Might Be Too Soft – Even though this is more due to personal preferences, it’s known that more people prefer a firmer mattress over a softer one. Firmer mattresses provide excellent sleep experiences for stomach and back sleepers. Amerisleep probably went with the softer option because they wanted this one to suit all sleeping positions, including side-sleeping.

Image of Amerisleep Colonial Bed


We see innovation and quality coming from Amerisleep over and over again, and this mattress is no different. The Amerisleep Colonial (AS4) can, by all means, be considered a luxury mattress, while it still doesn’t have a high price tag.

Its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly; its foams are plant and open cell based. It’s got good support, excellent motion isolation, and good edge support.

The foam contours well to your body in any sleeping position, and as a cherry on top – it’s got that highly sought-after cooling effect. The honest summary would be this – we rarely see such a good, versatile product in this price range.

Yes, there’s plenty of other beds out there that have the same qualities, but a lot of them don’t even come close to the reputation of this company, and some that do, don’t offer a 20-year warranty policy.

Unless you’re on a strict budget, we’d highly suggest considering this option. If you’re hooked but still not sure, just remember that Amerisleep offers a 90 night trial period. If you end up disliking it, you’re free to return it and immediately receive a full refund.

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