Our Amerisleep Americana Bed Review

Have you been looking for a mattress that’s going to be of above-average quality, provide exceptional comfort and support, but not come with a luxury price tag? If yes, you’ve found it. If all of its other features suit your needs, your search is then complete. We’ve decided to write a review on Amerisleep Americana simply because it’s one of the most praised beds in this price range.

Keep reading to learn more about its construction, special features, and used material. We’ll finish the article off with a pros and cons list where you’ll get a summarized informed opinion on whether or not this bed would be a good fit for you.

Construction Quality

Amerisleep Americana is a 10“ thick mattress, constructed out of two memory foam layers. The first layer is a 3“ thick Amerisleep Bio-Pur memory foam layer. First off, Amerisleep is using their own foam, and this is a great thing. They could have used the industry standard, but instead, they decided to take things into their own hands and provide better quality.

The Bio-Pur foam they’re using is actually a plant-based product. Being plant-based, it’ll contain something called “advanced open-cell structure.“ This means the airflow will be much better here, providing a lot more comfortable sleeping experience and that sought-after cooling effect. Besides good ventilation, the 3“ of Bio-Pur memory foam on top will also provide exceptional comfort and support. It’s thick enough to mean something for support, and the advanced foam is more comfortable than the industry standard.

The bottom layer, which is the main support layer, is made out of a 7“ thick layer of high-density memory foam. What’s important here is that this is high-density foam. It’s much better to have this beneath you than 10“ or even more inches of low-density industry foam. Compact quality is what describes this bed best.

Mattress Cover

Americana’s cover is a smart combination of Celliant and polyester. Polyester is there for its durability properties, and Celliant is there, well, because it’s the best possible choice for a mattress cover. The Celliant material has been clinically proven to help individuals fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

It’s a thermoreactive material that’s going to absorb your body heat and then transform it into infrared light. This process alone will speed up your blood flow and therefore your metabolism. All of this promotes cell regeneration, provides pain relief, and helps regulate your body’s temperature levels during sleep.

Excellent Warranty, Shipping, & Trial Period

Likewise to many Amerisleep products, the Americana mattress shows up at your doorstep for free with a 20-year long warranty. The 20-year warranty is split into two. For the first ten years, this includes a full replacement in case of a defect, and the last ten years includes a pro-rated warranty policy.

The trial period is excellent as well. They’ll allow you to try out the bed during a 100 night period. If you decide you don’t want it anymore, you can simply apply for a return and receive a full refund. While Amerisleep provides a 100% money-back guarantee, they do expect you to handle the shipping costs of the return.

Firmness Sweet Spot

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One of the most complained-about feature in any mattress is its firmness. This happens because many different people have different personal preferences, and it’s not easy for any brand to suit everyone. In our opinion, Amerisleep did well with the Americana because they went for a sweet spot between soft and firm.

People don’t like sinking into the bed when they sleep on it, especially on warmer nights. These same people want the comfort the softness brings. Americana is a combination of the two. It is comfortable just enough but still keeps you on top of things. You won’t sink in, yet you’ll feel comfortable. Even if you’re on the heavier side and do sink in a little bit, you should still be fine because of the cooling effects of the Bio-Pur foam and the Celliant-based cover.

What we Liked:

Custom-made quality foam – Amerisleep used their Bio-Fur foam on this mattress, which is a lot better than the industry standard, providing extra comfort, support, and that wanted cooling effect.

Celliant-based cover – Another cost they could have avoided, but decided to go for it. Celliant is a health-promoting material that’s going to keep you cool at the same time.

Warranty & Trial – 20 years of warranty, and a 100-night trial period with a 100% money-back guarantee. What more could we ask for?

What we Didn’t Like:

Durability – There’s been some concern concerning the durability of this mattress. As much as we dislike having to worry about this, it’s still not that much of a concern when you remember the thing comes with a 20-year warranty period.

All Said and Done – Who Should Buy This Mattress? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Just because any particular bed is a high-quality product, doesn’t automatically mean it will be the right fit for you. For this reason, we’ve created a list of personal preferences that should help you decide whether or not you will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.

You Enjoy a Firmer Mattress – As we previously mentioned, this mattress’s firmness is above-average, to say the least. Amerisleep obviously wanted to have comfort while also preventing that “sink in“ feeling that memory foam beds usually have. However, this information has been collected based on its primary state. You should consider the fact that any memory foam mattress will become softer as you use it. This means that a medium-firm bed might become a soft one after a year of use. If this is going to be a problem, then you should get one that’s firmer. 

You’re Not a Stomach Sleeper – This is purely our informed opinion. Stomach sleepers are generally not advised to sleep on a memory foam mattress. Unless you’ve got previous experience, think twice before getting this bed. Learn more how to stop sleeping on your belly if you find it uncomfortable. That said, it’s always nice to remember that Amerisleep offers a 100 night trial period with this mattress. Even if you are a stomach sleeper, and really like this bed, then you should just go for it. However, be prepared to handle the shipping costs if you end up returning it. 

You Enjoy the Cooling Effect – A lot of thought has been put into airflow and cooling into this mattress. This means it has almost been made just to fill in the market gap for sleepers who hate sleeping hot, or for those who sweat more in general. If on the other hand, you actually want to sleep hot, then you should consider a different option. There are beds out there that have invested into other features such as better support and comfort but don’t provide the cooling effect.


Amerisleep has certainly gone the extra mile with their Americana mattress. They’ve managed to provide comfort and support by using their own Bio-Fur memory foam. They’ve managed to keep it cool with excellent top layer airflow, and have even introduced health-promoting properties, such as the Celliant-based mattress cover.

On first glance, it truly looks like one of those luxury beds where the list of features and advantages never ends. However, the list does end, and while there are better mattresses out there – this one managed to keep an incredibly friendly price tag. On top of all the features, they’ve slapped a 20-year warranty policy and a 100 night trial period. There’s not much more we could get as off a mattress for its price. It should go into anyone’s top list of beds and is certainly a “best-buy“ in our books. If you’re still unsure, we sincerely suggest checking out other Amerisleep mattresses.

They’ve got plenty of medium to high-quality options to choose from. This company has both the expertise and experience and the amount of positive feedback they receive is not a coincidence. Amerisleep has been in the business for the past two decades, of which they’ve spent the last decade selling beds online. Needless to say, they know what they’re doing and what their sleepers want.

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