Why Do Air Mattress Deflate?

Millions of air mattresses are sold on the market annually. What’s the reason for air mattresses being such a hot commodity? Well, they’re well-built, easy to use, and comfortable – allowing the body to rest.

All of these benefits add up and make it a world-class solution for one’s bedroom or when you go camping (read our camping air bed guide). While all of these benefits are fantastic, there’s one question people often ask: “Why do air mattresses deflate?” This read will answer the question in detail.


Companies developing these mattresses spent years creating the perfect product. The goal was to create a soft, comfortable air mattress. They were able to achieve this goal. However, sacrifices had to be made, and this involved how it was put together.

Studies show air will leave an object unless it is “solid” in state (i.e., metal, steel, plastic) and this can’t be changed regardless of one’s approach. Now, when manufacturers realized this issue, they had to figure out a good solution.

They weren’t going to make metal mattresses, so this option went out the window. Instead, they decided it was best to reduce how quickly the air deflated.


Modern mattresses designed by world-class companies can slow down air loss. It can take weeks or months for the air to deflate – even with high usage. This is what air mattress companies aim for. For those wanting an air mattress that does not deflate, it’s time to find a metal mattress because it’s impossible based on modern science.


cold temperature

The main reason why air tends to leave your mattress once it’s put into use is temperature. This is where the companies are unable to slow things down. If the temperature isn’t as required, the air mattress is going to lose its shape.

In this case, cold temperature is your nemesis. Sure, you can get under a blanket and heat up, but what about the bed itself? It is still exposed to the air and temperature in your room.

The same applies to tires in colder countries. They deflate after the car is kept outside for too long. The temperature in one’s house has to be kept at “room temperature” to ensure this factor is reduced. If not, the air mattress will lose air quickly, and it doesn’t matter which brand you’ve selected.


The next reason involves usage. How often is the mattress used? Does it get heavy traffic (i.e. 2-3 people per day) or do you only use it every now and then? This is a question you’ll have to ask before making a purchase. If you plan on using it a lot, then your air bed will probably have a hole in it at some point.

The more an air mattress is used, the harder it gets to prevent deflation. Excess pressure being put on the surface is going to cause air to leak. It is a typical reaction even with the best materials being used. A small amount of air will start to seep out.


The solution is to keep an automatic pump near your air mattress to fill it as soon as it shows signs of deflation.

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