About Sleep Ridiculously Well

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Hi there and welcome to my blog, Sleep Ridiculously Well! My name is Emily Porter and I'm the one running the site. If you're passionate about getting a great night sleep (everyone should be) then this is the blog for you.

We provide honest reviews for anyone looking to find their next mattress, pillow, or anything else that makes our sleep better. It's important to note that not all mattresses can be found online, therefore, our reviews won't cover every possible sleeping solution on the market.

However, if you're interested in making the purchase online, then rest assured you will find a product that suites your needs.

Why Did I Start This Site?

I was the kid talking about the importance of healthy sleep patterns at the age of six. Most young kids yell and scream at their parents about wanting to stay up later; I was telling my parents that getting sleep was important for health. Maybe it's because I knew my parents weren't getting enough of it.

Even as a teenager, I stressed to everyone that they needed to get proper sleep, or they would be hurting their health. I asked my mom to take me to library just to confirm with her that teenagers need more sleep than other age groups. From that point forward, she was okay with me sleeping until noon on Saturday.

How I Can Help You?

I hope you find the website helpful. If we were able to assist you in any way, please send us an email or leave a comment on the site.

If you have more questions, please feel free to say hi. The best way to reach me is through the Contact page.

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