3 Ways To Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach

Quality sleep is important to your health. A lack of sleep may cause your immune system to slow down, for example, but it can also hinder your decision-making process. You know you feel better after a great night’s sleep.

However, sleeping on your stomach may cause relentless problems, so if this is your position of preference, you’ll need to break this habit. Here’s pertinent information which can help.

What's Wrong With Sleeping On Your Stomach?

While you may find the position more comfortable than say, sleeping on your back, laying down on your stomach can be harmful.

1. Your Back May Suffer

The arch of your lower back is exaggerated as you lay on your stomach, forcing the vertebrae into an unnatural and potentially painful position. Although it may be negligible as you sleep, the morning will likely see you with aches and pains that could have otherwise been avoidable.

2. You Could End Up With Neck Problems

To breathe properly on your stomach, you must force your neck into an odd shape; this contortion can lead to straining of the muscles and bones which make up the neck.

3. Aging May Occur Faster

Whether you sleep with your face planted in the pillow or on one of your cheeks, wrinkles are bound to set in much faster, leading to premature aging.

If you’re noticing deep lines and puffiness in the morning, it’s likely from the way you’re sleeping. As an immediate cure, gently massage your face with an ice-cube, but make learning how to stop sleeping on your stomach a priority.

Despite these issues, many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep in some other position. Thus, you may need to implement these changes gradually or with a smart plan.

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Don’t be like this guy!

How Do You Sleep Differently?

There are a few remedies you could try, but keep in mind that different techniques will work for different people:

1. Use Pillows As Props

Fluff a few pillows on either side of your body, right at the ribs. This should prevent you from rolling over onto your stomach, as well as keep you more comfortable.

2. Try Snoozing On The Sofa

If sleeping on your stomach is causing severe pain and you still can’t stop, try the sofa. Provided it has enough cushioning and support, you should be forced to stay on your side, due to the reduced surface area, which will leave you feeling better come morning.

3. Test The “Pea” Method

If all else fails, some experts recommend sleeping with a pea (uncooked) or other comparable objects (size and density) taped to your belly. When you attempt to roll over onto your stomach, the obstruction should deter you. Many people wake up when the pea pokes them and return to their side.


Sleep is too important to compromise on, but you need to be comfortable. As you drift off to sleep in your new and healthier position, try to relax, breathe deeply and avoid thinking about the situation.

And, if you just can’t stop yourself from sleeping on your stomach, we completely understand. If that’s the case, then we strongly recommend you buy a pillow that’s designed for your sleeping position. That’s why we created a fantastic buyer’s guide for stomach sleepers.

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