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2017 Review Of My Essentia Bed Manufacturer

Our Rating: (8.5/10) Do you love the cushy comfort and pressure relief of a memory foam mattress, but hate overheating, and dealing with the stink and potential health threat of out-gassing foam and latex? The Essentia Mattress line has the answer: a specially designed beds made entirely from natural non-toxic materials, with the same comfort […]

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Bed

Looking for a comfortable mattress to enjoy a good sleep night after night? Well, this is it, the Dynasty Cool Breeze 12-inch Memory Foam Gel Mattress review. It’s a multi-layered mattress focused on comfort and keeping you cool throughout your entire sleep. This bed is brilliantly designed with many innovative features all for a fair […]

Aviya Innerspring Bed Gets Scrutinized In Our Report

Have you been looking for a mattress that’s going to combine long-lasting comfort, great stability, weight distribution and a cooling effect? Well, this is it. The Aviya Mattress comes in three different firmness options, plush (soft), luxury firm and firm, with a 13“ height. This allows you to combine the above benefits with a firmness […]

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